Institute Committees

Committee and Cells w.e.f. 28th March 2023 till February 2024

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Faculty InchargeDesignation
Mrs. Betty RebelloChairperson
Mr. Karl CorrieaMember
Mrs. Johncia CruzMember
Mr. Guilermo Da GamaMember
Mrs. Lavita FernandesMember
Miss. Shagufta SayedStudent
Mr. Cain CardozoStudent
Miss Uyen Roslin DiasStudent

Anti Ragging Committee

Faculty InchargeDesignation
Mrs.Clementina FernandesMunicipal Councilor
P. I CurchoremP. I. Curchorem
Mr. Bro. Esebio MirandaEditor of “Vavradeancho Ixtt”
Mr. Tony Menezes
Mrs. Lavita FernandesAdministrative Staff
Miss Dasha  FernandesStudent Representative
Mr. Joshua SequiraStudent Representative
Fr. Joaquim RebelloPrincipal
Dr. Rohit SarinVice Principal / HOD

Anti Ragging Squad

Faculty InchargeDesignation
Fr. Walter MirandaManager
Mr.Rosario LeitaoService / Storekeeper

Grievance Redressal Committee

Faculty InchargeDesignation
Rev. Fr.Joaquim RebelloPrincipal
Mr. Tony MenezesEx Principal
Mrs. Betty RebelloChairperson
Mr. Karl CorrieaMember
Mr. Guilermo Da GamaMember

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Faculty InchargeDesignation
Rev. Fr. Joaquim RebelloPrincipal/convenor/chairman
Rev. Fr. Mateus FernandesChairperson (Management)
Rev. Fr. Santosh D’souzaManagement
Fr. Romeo D’silvaManagement
Chef Alex DiasIndustry Expert
Mrs Clementina FernandesMunicipal Councilor
Mr. Rebelo Abner ConanAlumni Representative
Mr. Bebedith FernandesParents Representative
Mr. Alino Bebedith FernandesStudent Representative
Mrs. Lavita FernandesNon Academic Co-ordinator
Mrs. Betty RebelloConvenor Examination Committee
Mr. Nicky FernandesLibrarian
Mrs. Johncia FernandesClerk
Mr. Karl CorreiaFaculty
Mr. Guilermo Da  GamaFaculty
Mr. Raynold D’souzaCo-ordinator / Member Secretary

Committee for SC/ST & OBC

Ms. Lionel Liberata Rodrigues – Chairperson, Mrs. Levita Fernandes – M.S, Mr. Rosario Leitao

Media Cell & Intellectual Property Right Cell

Mr. Guilermo Da Gama, Mrs. Betty Rebello, Ms. Alzira Fernandes

Institute – Industry Cell

Mr. Karl Correia, Mrs. Levita Fernandes, Ms. Alzira Fernandes

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell

Mr. Vinayak Rokade, Mr. Raynold D’Souza, Mr. Karl Correia

Environment Committee / Say No To Drugs

Mr. Guilermo Da Gama, Mrs. Tina Coutinho

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Mrs. Tina Coutinho

National Career Service

Mr.Raynold Dsouza, Mrs. Lavita Fernandes

Staff Portfolio 2023 – 2024

News Magazine And Wall Paper

Ms. Lionel Rodrigues, Mr. Raynold D’Souza, Mrs.Levita Fernandes

Competitions/Promotion & Fund Raising

Mr. Guilermo Da.Gama, Mrs. Johncia Cruz

Food Production For Occasions/Common Lunch

Mr. Karl Correia, Mr. Guilermo Da. Gama, Mrs. Divina Mascarenhas, Mrs. Xaverina Fernandes

Sports-Indoor /Outdoor And Tournaments/Educational Tour

Mr. Guilermo Da Gama, Mrs. Tina Coutinho

Cultural Activities WTD & Décor/Cleanliness

Mrs. Betty Rebello, Mrs. Tina Coutinho

In Charge of Discipline/ Alumni Association/ PTA

Mr. Raynold Dsouza, Mr. Rosario Leitao

Computer / Library Accession Register of Library

Mr. Nicky Fernandes, Mrs. Johncia Cruz

Training and Placement Cell

Mr. Raynold Dsouza, Mrs. Lavita Fernandes

Timetable / Exam Schedule / Invigilation / Class Arrangement

Mrs. Betty Rebello, Mr. Raynold Dsouza

Field Trips

Mr. Raynold Dsouza/Mrs. Betty RebelloTY
Mr. Nicky Fernandes/Mr.Karl CorreiaSY
Mr. Guilermo Da Gama / Dr.SarinFY
Mr. Karl Correia / Mrs. Tina CoutinhoOY

Students Counsellors

Mrs. Betty RebelloTY
Mr. Nicky  FernandesSY
Mr. Guilermo Da GamaFY
Mr. Karl CorreiaOY